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Public Relations & Stakeholder Engagement 

Neil is now working with Sonar Engagement, an innovative agency who exclusively supplies Public Liaison Officers (PLO) with proven backgrounds in neighbourhood management, problem solving and communication, all typically found in ex-neighbourhood policing officers.

We work on behalf of Highways England contractors, Local Authorities and private clients by developing comprehensive Stakeholder and Customer Engagement plans for construction projects.

One size doesn’t fit all - before you develop a plan, you need to know who your audience are - we research the location demographics to develop a broad stakeholder base. Only then can you decide the methods of communication best suited to engage with a broad range of diverse stakeholders and customers.

We also carry out ‘horizon timeline scanning’ to identify dates and events that may impact the project and mitigate against them.

Experience shows that a construction project’s success depends on contractors and developers establishing a relationship of trust and partnering with local communities and stakeholders, therefore community engagement is a vital strand of any project.

Sonar Engagement delivers successful projects by actively engaging with road users, designing and implementing customer and stakeholder management plans with an ongoing cycle of engagement, identifying problems and resolving risks that otherwise could derail even the best planned project.

Customer satisfaction, and whether a construction company will be welcomed back by a community, are key performance indicators for Sonar Engagement.



A52 Clifton Bridge Repair

When Clifton Bridge was closed for emergency repairs in February 2020, Nottingham became Europe’s most congested city. Without a planned lead in to the repair program, the customer engagement became complex and fast changing.

Using skills learned in emergency planning, Neil hosts regular conference calls based on the Local Resilience Forum structure, to manage the complicated multi-agency relationships. His Community Policing and journalism skills have maintained a constant dialogue with local residents and road users.   


Birmingham China Town - Public Realm Improvement Scheme

This was a Birmingham City Council project, to upgrade the busy China Town area of Birmingham city centre, in readiness for the Commonwealth Games. A great many small and medium sized businesses were affected on a daily basis by works outside their premises. Neil added a personal approach to traditional mail / email communications. 

A46 Farndon Roundabout Upgrade

This roundabout improvement was completed by Carnell's on behalf of National Highways. Neil handled public engagement around this busy Nottinghamshire Junction. The communications package dovetailed with consultation for an upcoming major upgrade of the A46 Newark Bypass.  



Twitter: @SonarEngagement

Phone: +44 (0) 7596278260

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