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All my books are available worldwide, on Amazon, in Kindle or Paperback

Or (UK only) A signed copy can be bought through my WebShop  

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Loxley: modern day Robin Hood tales

Set in modern day Nottinghamshire, the Duke of Loxley and his Outlaws take on today's criminals. 


Loxley: a dish served cold 

Major Robin Loxley returns from the Middle East to attend his father’s funeral and take on his duties as Duke of Loxley. Estranged from the old Duke for many years, this is Robin’s first return to Sherwood since the death of his mother.

Robin learns that the old Duke has mortgaged Loxley Hall to fund a lifestyle of drink, drugs, gambling and women. With the death of the Duke, the holder of his debt calls in the mortgage. This pits Robin and his Special Forces team against Nottingham’s shadowy drug lord known as the Tax Collector.

Vowing never to use guns on the streets of their city, Robin’s Outlaws use historic weapons to tear down the Tax Collector’s empire. 

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Loxley: modern day Robin Hood tales

Set in modern day Nottinghamshire, the Duke of Loxley and his Outlaws take on today's criminals. 

Loxley: Swim Bike Die

My second modern day Robin Hood adventure is set in the world of triathlon.

With the defeat of the Tax Collector, there is peace at Loxley. Robin, Marion and the Outlaws have immersed themselves in the Swim, Bike, Run sport of triathlon.

But the Tax Collector is planning his return, in a deadly way. His bio Terrorism plot looks set to destroy the Loxley’s new sport and take much of the English population with it.

Only the Duke of Loxley and his Special Forces band of Outlaws see what is happening and once again take on Marion’s evil father.  

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The Tricycle Spy

A biographical novel, based on my father's lifetime fight against communism.

Gordon Hallam first worked with Special Branch as a young soldier in the Malayan Emergency. On leaving the Army, Gordon joined the police, serving in Traffic and CID, before again working with Special Branch in England.

A crippling stroke ended Gordon's police career, but it did not end his involvement with Special Branch. Now disabled and riding a tricycle, Gordon's former collegues put him back to work as an undercover agent. This time Gordon was spying on left wing subversives, trying to make a toe hold for communism in Britain.

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Between Stone and a Hard Place

Nev Stone & the watchers 

Taking a terrorist's life cost Nev Stone his police career.

Saving an outlaw biker's life in prison opened a new life as a paparazzi on the Algarve.

Accidentally killing a child trafficker threatens to cost Stone his new life in the surfer's paradise. 

Fearing another prison sentence, Stone goes on the run, using contacts from his old and new lives. He must find an abducted girl, the only witness who can clear him of the killing.

The search takes Stone and the bikers to Morocco and back, fighting the remnants of Portuguese and Bulgarian secret services. 

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Stone, Paper, Bomb

Nev Stone & the Watchers 

This features most of the same characters as my first novel, but can be read as a stand alone story.

A fanatical sect plans to detonate an improvised nuclear device in the United States, blaming Islamic terrorists.

The action moves between England, Portugal, Cuba and New Orleans as the bikers track the players and the nuclear components. Time is against them as they race to prevent a bigger catastrophe than 9/11. 

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Breath Becomes Stone

Nev Stone & the Watchers 

Disgraced ex cop, Nev Stone now works with the Watchers MC and their global security business. Contracting for MI6, they are sent undercover to New Zealand, where smuggling of rare animals has caught the attention of Britain’s Royal Family.

The action moves through Hong Kong, China and New Zealand, as the Watchers fight environmental disaster. 

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Rocking the Streets

Through researching the various two wheeled sub cultures, I saw that alongside most of them ran an accompaniment of contemporary music. 

The Rockers first had Rock and Roll and Rockabilly, moving later towards Heavy Rock. The Mods began with Modern Jazz, moving through Ska to eventually become Skinheads. The 1980’s saw some very weird and wonderful fashions in both dress and music. The Hillbilly looking Hipsters of the early 21st century are said to have drawn their inspiration from the early Beatnik culture, which in turn was part of the American music scene. 

The current street gang and drug dealing culture has its own accompaniment of Rap. This has changed greatly over the decades, from a peaceful, happy form of black music, to the violent, gangster focused Rap of today.

But the youth cultures went back even further than my biker research. In this book, I will lead you through what I learned of the Scuttlers of the 1800s and the Bright Young Things of the 1920s.  

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Blackrake - a novel

The stories and the people of Derbyshire's Ironstone Blackrake

The villages around Ripley in Derbyshire have always punched above their weight, due to the valley’s mineral wealth.

This epic historical novel follows the families of the Blackrake from the Norman Invasion, through our villagers’’ exploits at Agincourt and the War of the Roses, to the growth of the coal and iron industries. 

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Double Deutsche

A Nev Stone & The Watchers short story

Disgraced ex-cop Nev Stone is in Berlin. After being thrown out of the police for shooting a terrorist, Nev Stone joined a group of bikers, turned security specialists.

The Watchers MC had all the trappings of an outlaw 1% biker gang, but were mostly on the right side of the law. Employed by the Security Services of many countries, the Watchers had the skills of an elite military unit, with complete deniability for the governments who employed them.

This short story puts the Watchers amidst a terrorism plot in Berlin. Enjoy motorcycle chases, skydiving and political intrigue, in this introduction to the Nev Stone & The Watchers full length novels.

Only available in Kindle  

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The Robin Hood Cycleway - a cycling guidebook

The Robin Hood Way Long Distance Footpath was conceived by Nottingham Wayfarers’ Rambling Club, to commemorate the club’s Golden Jubilee in 1982. The guidebook for their excellent walking route is now in its fourth edition.  


The Robin Hood Cycle Way route is my own creation. As you would expect of a rambling club, the Nottingham Wayfarers used a lot of Public Footpaths in the creation of their Way.

As a cyclist, I wanted a version that I could ride legally, so I set about linking Bridleways, Byways and quieter roads, sticking as close to the original route as possible.

My route is similar in character to many of the National Cycle Network routes I have ridden. Sometimes, there is no choice than to use tarmac roads, linking together sections of off road cycle route. But the roads I have chosen are as quiet as possible; rarely does the route use busy arterial roads.


The off road sections are not “serious” mountain biking trails. They are unsuitable for road racing cycles, but a heavy duty touring cycle could cope with most of the trails. 

My Robin Hood Cycle way is 90 miles (140 km) long. I have divided it into four stages of between 19 miles (30 km) and 27 miles (43 km) long.

In addition to the four stages following the Robin Hood Way, I have given you four more circular routes, around areas associated with our legendary outlaw.

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